How Much Ram Is Truly Enough?
Tuesday, June 05th, 2012 | Author: admin

That’s certainly a question that’s asked a lot. People want to be sure that their needs are met, after all. However, the answer to the question has already been stated within the question. Put simply, enough ram is enough.

Like many ancient koans or wise proverbs, the solution is easy to overlook and deceptively simple — just like RAM! All it does is store data for your computer. Hence, it only needs to be large enough to store enough data. Simple.

But, how much is that? Well, nost computers come with between two and four gigabytes of RAM already installed.Additional information can be found at For most people, this is plenty; enough to browse the Internet, compose email, and play some music in the background. On the other hand, some users need to run heavyweight applications or specialized software, either of which can send RAM usage sky high.

So, a good rule of thumb suggests keeping your total usage at about 80 capacity. That is, if you notice that you use 800 megabytes of RAM, keep a full gigabyte — and always round up to the nearest gigabyte. That way, you’ll have enough for the present, as well as room to grow in the future.

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